ISBN: 978 0 9931910 3 9     Publisher: Saffron Planet. 72pp

A new evangelistic book from Steve Maltz

Here is a book written to stir the heart of the average citizen of today’s world by challenging them to think beyond the here and now. It pulls no punches as it provides a creeping crescendo of revelation regarding man and his relationship with God and how the Church has mostly failed in its mission to mirror the image of Jesus. With a narrative that ebbs and flows between the past and present, the reader is offered tantalising glimpses of Jesus, in order to stoke up fresh curiosities, yet more questions are posed than answers. There are few clichés, a total lack of formula and predictability as the reader is left literally on the edge. What happens next is left to them. If their heart is stirred, then only the Holy Spirit can direct the outcome. This is a short book intended to be read in a single session, made possible by its relentless pace and compelling arguments and the fact that there are no chapter headings to punctuate the reading experience. It is a gripping read.

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