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Aussie invasion!

On Saturday we had a day of two halves. In the morning six of us sat around our large dining room table and decided to record something on the Christmas story. We were totally unscripted and were only guided at the last minute by Peter Sammons brandishing a simple multiple-choice quiz that he’s cobbled together at the last minute. Over 40 minutes we – that is Peter, Monica, Mike, Kate and Steve Gutmann and myself – just chatted around the subject. It turned out really well and I’m going to package it nicely and bung it up on Youtube and see what happens!

In the afternoon, the smell of lunch enticed Howard – one of the World’s greatest lunchers –┬áinto our house and we were also joined by one of the World’s leading Creationists, John Mackay. Poor chap was knackered, having driven up from Norwish in the morning and we allowed him a short snooze before we strapped him to a microphone and ten of us bombarded him with a relentless stream of questions for 90 minutes non-stop. He never faltered once – what a man!

That recording will be posted up on Saffron Planet as soon as I get some time …

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