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A record turnout …!

A record turnout it certainly was. Last night the grand total of 1 person turned up for my evening talk! The actual number was 4, but I could hardly count the two hosts and the audio engineer, could I? A massive lesson in humility but, to be honest, I’ve learned to expect anything and one should always look for the positives. At least I could hog the biscuits (in theory, but not in practice because of my diet). The post-talk collection was quite comical and they insisted in passing around the basket (to the two people) despite my protestations! Yet the talk WAS recorded and who knows where it may end up? We’re called to just do what we’re told to do and leave it up to Him to bring in the hearers.

I spoke on Christian anti-Semitism and left a large bundle of my booklet, “For whatever reason”, to be given out free in the local bookshop, along with flyers for our Foundations 6 conference next year.

One day I may get to hear of an amazing testimony that arose from my …. audience of One!

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  1. Hi, Steve.

    I would love to have been there, but unfortunately I live in America. Have you ever considered coming here?

    I was doing a Google search a couple months ago for Hebraic thought on a particular topic and a video was among one of the URL’s. You were speaking on the Church loosing its way. I’m assuming it was an interview to promote your book and I loved the interviewer too. You both had great humor.

    After listening to the video, I tried ordering books from your site, but they don’t ship to America. So I decided to search Amazon with your name and found you. Yay! I ordered “To Life” as the first book to read and loved it so I bought a copy for our son and mailed it to him and he’s reading it now.

    We are what is called unbranded mavericks. Our last ekklesia we were a part of was an hour away. We have health issues so we’re not able to go now. I know we should go somewhere for fellowship, but it’s very difficult to find a true group that loves God with all their heart and wants to please Him rather than themselves.

    There are lots of churches here in our town, but there all either a have it your way kind of church with emergent leanings. Or they’re charismatics and you can claim your healing, mansion and whatever else your little heart desires. Or we have numerous Catholic Churches or liturgical types. We’ve got the usual Presbyterians, Baptists, Assemblies of God, Methodists and etc.

    Anyway, I love your post and your humility and I got a good chuckle!

    Do you know if your new book will be in the USA Amazon store any time soon?

    May the Lord richly bless you spiritually,
    Elaine Reeves 🙂

  2. Thanks, Elaine. My latest two books should be coming out soon in the USA through TPPress, in book and kindle.

    Perhaps you could nag them to fly me over to the States – would love to do some speaking over your way – even if you’re the only one to turn up!


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