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An interesting weekend

Last weekend Monica and I went up t’north – well, Leicester, followed by Scunthorpe, which is all “north” to us southerners.

Leicester was to speak at the Feast of Tabernacles conference, hosted by our good friends Dave & Yvonne Evans of Reshet Ministries. After sharing a Shabbat meal with them (it’s always intrigued me that the only Shabbat meals we get invited to are given by Gentiles!) we arrived at the Church hall on Saturday to set up our stand (we have a purpose-built book stand now that cost a mint, but was paid for by one of our faithful church ladies, Norma) and I spoke on “The Biblical Year” using powerpont – you can get a recording of this if you like from Reshet’s website. David also spoke, as did Paul and Janey Hames from CMJ.

What was disappointing was the numbers attending – around a half of the expected turnout. Discounting the obvious (putting me on the bill is going to frighten some off!!), it seems that there were ‘competing’ events in the area that day. Such a shame as so much work went into this and, more importantly, it was a splendid teaching experience for those who didn’t really understand the context of the Biblical feasts. It’s getting harder and harder to get people to attend such events unless “Big names” are involved. Perhaps we shouldn’t record them, to encourage folk to experience them first hand?!!

On Sunday I spoke at Grace Church, Scotter,┬ánear Scunthorpe. The origin of this was an email around 8 months ago from the pastor, John Birch, who stated that he and some other pastors in the area had read my book “To Life!” and wanted to quiz me on its contents. This led to a 2 hour “grilling” in his home last April with around 12 others present. I believe there were some breakthroughs there. So I was invited to speak last Sunday and I spoke on “Themes of the Hebrew Scriptures” (from God’s Blueprint). It was a very loving, hungry and open congregation that really warmed our hearts. The response was very good and Monica and I had a real sense of a mature church wanting to go deeper in the great adventure that God has for them, even if it took them to dangerous places – one such “dangerous place” was a planned revisit by me next March!

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