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Saffron Planet meets Premier Radio

Yesterday was a big day. It was confirmed when I was violently ill an hour before proceedings were due to start!

Our web radio ministry, Saffron Planet, was reconvening for the first time for weeks. Was it a national emergency, necessitating the gathering of the Justice League of Barkingside to plan a campaign to defeat the latest dastardly villain? No, it was to spend time creating recordings that could be broadcast on Premier Christian Radio, as part of an agreement giving us a series of six short programmes that will appear in their autumn schedule as a pilot project. And because we wanted this pilot to really hit the spot and give us our own series, this particular recording session had to be very good – with the right combination of entertainment and illumination.

We felt we had the right heroes for the job. Joining Monica and I for the key morning session were Chris Hill (Bible teacher extraordinaire), Steve Gutmann (Pastor of Tree of Life messianic fellowship), Peter Sammons (Author, publisher and strategic thinker), Colin Baynes (database manager – whatever that is?!), Mike Keane (holy plumber and our number two) and Kate Keane (bookworm and also our number two).  Helping with the mixing were our son Phil and his buddy Adam Brennan (for whom this was a busman’s holiday!) A great mix of the Good, the Bad and the Holy!

We started the session and stumbled on for about ten minutes before we all stopped, looked at each other and agreed that it was awful! It was like one of those Bible studies where the leader asks obvious questions and the respondents reluctantly give obvious answers without much passion and everyone is bored to tears. So we started again, wiped away any nerves or fears about the task in hand and just had a lively conversation, with the usual interruptions and mirth, but full of engagement and real passion on what we were doing. Before long we had covered a wide variety of subjects, loosely connected by the theme of the Jewishness of Jesus and we had a wrap!

What did we learn? Sometimes you have to rise above the occasion and just allow the Holy Spirit to have his way and orchestrate things.

If you want an idea of what Saffron Planet is all about, why not visit it at www.saffronplanet.net ?

In the afternoon we were joined by Howard Werth (ex-rock star and a rocking OAP) and Norma Lawrence  (MBE). We did another hours recording. This time with an extra edge. This will be held back in expectation of further broadcasts, once the pilot was over.

Please pray for this whole enterprise because, believe me, this stuff is really good and so different both in style and content to the usual Christian radio fare.


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